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Parents and citizens association

The Cardiff High School parents and citizens association (P&C) meet the second Wednesday of each month during school terms. The meetings are held in the school library beginning at 7:00pm.

The main objectives of the P&C are to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students, the principal and teaching staff into close co-operation, assisting in providing facilities and equipment, promoting the welfare of students at the school and encouraging parent and community participation in educational issues.

The principal reports to each meeting invaluable information relating to both the school and changes within the Department of Education. It provides a forum for communication and feedback.

Parents are encouraged to be part of the P&C and connect with your child's school.

If you would like to contact the P&C, please email:


P&C President: Mr Keith Smith

Vice President: Cassandra Vizintin

Secretary: Mrs Jenny-Marie Copas

Treasurer: Kylie Ambrose

P&C meeting dates for 2018

- 14 February - download minutes (PDF 341.7KB)

- 14 March AGM - download minutes (PDF 177.7KB)

- 14 March - download minutes (PDF 353.2KB)

- 11 April - download minutes (PDF 893.2KB)

-  9 May - download minute (PDF 327.1KB)

- 13 June - download minutes (PDF 345KB)

-  4 July - download minutes (PDF 340KB)

- 12 September - download minutes (PDF 397.3KB)

- 31 October -  

- 14 November -

- 12 December -