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Year 7 2023 Information

Transitioning to High School

Going to high school is a new, exciting and sometimes a little intimidating experience for Year 6 student as our school is a lot bigger than primary school. Instead of being a senior in a small school, they are now a beginner in a big school. It is an exciting time with many opportunities and a broader curriculum.

To help students accumulate to high school, Cardiff High School runs a series of transition events for both students and parents throughout the year. They include our staff visiting the Cardiff Community of Schools and teaching lessons in the primary school classrooms; Mini lessons at the high school where students experience first hand some of our subjects and parent information evenings.

For more information on our transition dates for 2023 view Cardiff High School Transition Calendar.

What to Expect in High School is a great resource from the Department of Education to help transition to High School.

High Potential and Gifted Students Enrichment Class 2023

Cardiff High School is offering Year 7 2023 students the opportunity to apply for placement in our High Potential and Gifted Students Enrichment Class. The class seeks to engage and challenge students to achieve at the highest levels and extend their learning opportunities through a range of curriculum initiatives including the development and presentation of an Enrichment Project.

For more information and to apply, visit our HPGSE page.