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See below for all our available extracurricular activities.

Career and transition (CAT)

Our Career and transition Team are very proactive as they seek to assist students clarify their long term career ambitions. Apart from assisting students through the maze of subject selection for senior school, they source many opportunities for work experience and school-based traineeships. They also organise experiences including Rural Fire Service Cadetship Program and TAFE bricklaying course.

The SCOPE Project

The SCOPE project is an educational enrichment activity that permeates all Years from 7 to 10. The nature of the project changes and develops as the students progress from Year 7 through to Year 10. The SCOPE project is designed to encourage students to think deeply about their learning and to develop skills in planning and reflective learning. It is designed to help the students to develop confidence and take responsibility for their learning.

Students in Year 7 undertake PeriSCOPE, an educational enrichment activity that links school with wider learning experiences by allowing the student to present aspects of knowledge and interests that otherwise might not be addressed in the school environment. It is an exercise in the relevance of learning and the building of confidence, self-esteem, planning, process and communication skills that culminate in a 5 minute presentation based on an activity of the students choice. PeriSCOPE interviews take place towards the end of term 1.

Students in Year 8 undertake the TeleSCOPE project. TeleSCOPE links classroom work with wider learning and reflection. It is an exercise in the building of confidence, self-esteem, planning, process and communication skills. As the year progresses students will need to organise a display folder that contains all of the completed tasks. One specific task has been issued by each subject. It is important that students keep all completed tasks, no matter what the assessment outcome is. At the end of term 2, students will give a 5 minute oral presentation where they will discuss two or three of the tasks completed to that point. They will also be asked to reflect upon what has been learned and achieved during semester one and will be questioned about their goals for the remainder of the year. Students will receive assistance on how to prepare the oral presentation mid-way through term 2.

Students in Year 9 undertake MicroSCOPE. MicroSCOPE links classroom work with wider learning and reflection. It is an exercise in the building of confidence, self-esteem, planning, process and communication skills that culminates in a 10 minute oral presentation to their peers based on the students learning achievements throughout the year. 2013 is the tenth year that this project has run at Cardiff High School.

One specific task has been issued by each subject. Students should make up a calendar of tasks in order to organise themselves effectively. As the year progresses students will need to organise a display folder that contains all of the completed tasks. It is important to keep all completed tasks, no matter what the assessment outcome is. At the beginning of Term 4 the students will give a 10 minute presentation to their peers where they will review and discuss two or three of the tasks they found most interesting as well as generally talking about what they have learned and achieved this year. The students will receive assistance on how to prepare their presentation during term 3.

Year 10 students at Cardiff high school undertake an oral presentation as part of their assessment schedule. During the year, students are required to collect evidence of planning, process and product in their learning. Students are required to present this evidence at a presentation/ interview towards the end of Term 4.

The SCOPE project is an important component of the Year 10 curriculum at Cardiff High School as it develops and assesses social skills, communication skills, decision-making skills, problem solving skills, goal setting abilities, self-discipline and the ability to work independently. It is important to note that the SCOPE tasks issued by each department are a normal part of course work; they are not additional to course requirements.

The presentations will take place in front of an interview panel comprising three members: a teacher, a community representative and a Year 9 student. The panel participants will be trained in the process prior to the interview and will award a grade based on a student’s ability to discuss their learning. A written report on each student’s performance will be issued following the interview and a certificate of achievement will be included in the Year 10 reports.

In order to gain the highest outcome, a student is required to present evidence of the learning process in all subjects, as well as being able to clearly discuss aspects of planning, problem solving and reflection. It is vital that students complete and retain all work for discussion.

Progress will be monitored throughout the year and, in Term 3, students will prepare a covering letter and undergo practise relating to the interview.

Cardiff High School – Gift and Talented Special Interest Project 2018

Cardiff High School aims to identify gifted and talented students and maximize their learning outcomes, both in the classroom, across all subject areas and through involvement in extracurricular activities. As part of our Gifted and Talented focus students from Years 7-10 are invited to participate in the Cardiff High School GATS Special Interest Project. This consists of the production of a high-quality research project as well as delivering a presentation to parents, community leaders, and feeder primary schools.

Students are allocated a teacher mentor yet they are responsible for the way in which they approach, research and deliver the task. The project can be completed individually or as part of a small group and the medium by which students choose to deliver their project allows them to explore areas of expertise and interest which include; film, drama, role play, visual representation, PowerPoint or music and performance just to name a few.

In 2018 we have students taking part in the extracurricular program. The students will deliver their projects on one of two GATS Presentation evenings planned in Term 3: Year 7 & 9 students will present on Monday, July 22, 7pm and Years 8 and 10 - Term 3, Monday, July 29, 7pm.

Students are also encouraged to participate in external examinations. Five Yr 12 students are invited each year to participate in the Regional High Achievers Camp.

Year 7 GATS class is determined through recommendation from partner primary schools and testing. This test usually takes place during August.

Manufacturing in Education Program

Manufacturing in Education Program offers students the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities that may lead them to a future in the engineering fields. Activities run through Yr 7-10 and include Lego Robotics, Advanced Engineering, Science and Engineering Challenge.

Music, art, dancing, and drama (MADD)

An amazing array of talent goes on display as we celebrate MADD in Term3.

Term 4 our music students perform to celebrate their year’s work.

Our Year 12 also are offered the opportunity to perform at Lizotte’s if the venue is available before their HSC performances.

They are all wonderful nights of entertainment.


Our students have been involved in major volunteering projects over the years.

Over the years Cardiff High School has been involved in excellent volunteering programs. More recently students from Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 donated their sports time to volunteering in their community.

Their projects started from a TTT forum where students in year 10 represented our school at the Speers Point Council Chambers along with others Primary and high school Students in the Lake Macquarie area. The Students participated in workshops to identify the Time, Treasures and Talents in Cardiff High school and the wider community. Cardiff High Students then brought these ideas back to the volunteering group and discussed how they as a group could make this work into our volunteering program.

The group decided in liaison with Garden Suburb Primary School’s principal and teachers that the group would participate in a reading program and art mural project with the students at Garden Suburb Primary.

After two terms of actively participating in this program the volunteers from our high school had improved the reading level of the children by 15% and completed an art mural while helping assist the children in a fun rewarding way.

Students also during this volunteering time went to the Garden Suburb Nursing home to learn about the resistants stories and assist them in nail painting, pancake making, bingo, and reading newspaper headlines and craft activities. Many of the students came away feeling warmed, welcomed and appreciated by the elderly people who shared their stories of the pass.

After completing this program Students from Year 8,9,10 presented our schools project at the Newcastle TAFE to Schools from Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

They stated during the presentation that:

“The group learnt how to communicate with children and participate in groups”.

“We faced misbehaving children but faced this problem by changing groups and contacting the teacher.” 

“We made new friends with the students who participating in the mural and reading program.” 

“We learnt that these projects made us connect with our wider community.” 

“These projects allowed young children and high school students to able to see the outcome and reward of working in groups and sticking together.”

Blood Bank- Students over the age of 16 have the opportunity to donate blood. The Red Cross runs a shuttle service from Cardiff to the blood bank in Newcastle. We have been acknowledged on several occasions for our commitment through the winning of the” Vampire Cup” for most number of blood donations

Interact Club

Interact is an international organisation of service and social clubs for young people of secondary school age that fosters leadership, responsible citizenship, while promoting international understanding and peace. Combining the words "international" and "action" created the name.

Interact clubs are sponsored by Rotary clubs which provide guidance and inspiration. The Interact Clubs are self-governing and self-supporting. The membership base of our club is drawn from the entire student body.

The Cardiff High Club has been established with the help of Mr Michael Weatherall of Rotary District 9670.

The following students have been elected for 2016:

  • Tiffany McLean - President
  • Caitlin Black - Secretary
  • Max Arber - Treasurer
  • Jayden Webb - Vice President
  • Harvey Durrance - Director
  • Bailey Gould - Director.

Congratulations to all of the executive members on their election!

The club will meet early in the new year to start its organisation and planning of activities!!

Please feel free to visit the Interact Facebook page Interact Rotary District 9670.

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