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Year 9

Year 9 Advisor

Mr Cole Bussey

Year 9 Online Courses

Students in Year 9 will be utilising Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to access online courses. To access an online classroom, click on the appropriate link below and sign in using your student email address and password.

Google Classroom -

Microsoft Teams -

If you are having issues utilising the links above, please go through the student portal to access Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams -

If you are not already enrolled in the class, please use the following class codes to enrol. Codes are case sensitive.

English - Google Classroom - Code: otbwhfs

Maths - Microsoft Teams - Code: n4fdfni

Geography - Google Classroom - Code: owfbpnj

History (Mandatory) - Google Classroom - Code: kgtzlti

Music - Google Classroom Code: - trpvyup

9PHP1 - Google Classroom - Code: s757tbk
9PHP2 - Google Classroom - Code: o3hozo2
9PHP3 - Google Classroom - Code: kgqznse
9PHP4 - Google Classroom - Code: g2vkzmz
9PHP5 - Google Classroom - Code: twf54st

Science - Google Classroom - Code: mbjvxyt

Ceramics - Google Classroom - Code: 5adh2dm

Child Studies
9CSYM1 - Google Classroom - Code: 4fchcb2
9CSZM1 - Google Classroom - Code: yuyufn4

Commerce - Google Classroom - Code: iy6ma53

Drama - Google Classroom - Code: xjzrwk3

Food Technology - Google Classroom - Code: turzf54

History (Elective) - Google Classroom - Code: uwcprvs

Ind Tech - Building & Construction - Google Classroom - Code: afdxmsc

Ind Tech - Timber - Google Classroom - Code: boybdtp

Information & Software Technology - Microsoft Teams - Code: 1e95zrx

Japanese - Google Classroom - Code: z7xstnw

Photographic & Digital Media - Google Classroom - Code: pqsj4y2

9PASSXM1 - Google Classroom - Code: h7ctwkq
9PASSYM1 - Google Classroom - Code: ip644dt
9PASSZM1 - Google Classroom - Code: c5jws5n

STEM - Microsoft Teams - Code: auzvv9t

Visual Arts - Google Classroom - Code: 3d3s4kn

Work Education - Google Classroom - Code: dqkgsdd

If you are still experiencing issues, please conatct the school via email:


Illness and Misadventure Appeals

Throughout the year, a student may experience difficulty attending an online assessment, completing an assessment task by the due date, or their performance in an assessment task may be affected by illness or misadventure. The school has a process to support these students. A student may submit an Illness and Misadventure Form if they are affected by:

• Illness – either personal or the illness of a family member
• Bereavement
• COVID-19