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Year 8

Year 8 Advisor

Mr Mark Toohey

Year 8 Online Courses

Students in Year 8 will be utilising Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to access online courses. To access an online classroom, click on the appropriate link below and sign in using your student email address and password.

Google Classroom -

Microsoft Teams -

If you are having issues utilising the links above, please go through the student portal to access Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams -

If you are not already enrolled in the class, please use the following class codes to enrol. Codes are case sensitive.

English - Google Classroom - Code: ew5ic2i

Maths - Microsoft Teams - Code: yhtt2oq

History - Google Classroom - Code: x4d3bvr

Music - Google Classroom - Ikoyqqw

8PHP1 - Google Classroom - Code: g4ufc5c
8PHP2 - Google Classroom - Code: asxnly3
8PHP3 - Google Classroom - Code: owgy4ud
8PHP4 - Google Classroom - Code: i5x2uxl
8PHP5 - Google Classroom - Code: wh7ppyq

Science - Google Classroom - Code: o4tvzip

8TEC1  - Google Classroom - Code: 5cr7xgh
8TEC2 - Google Classroom - Code: 3gp5bzr
8TEC3 - Microsoft Teams - Code: 45erxqp
8TEC4 - Google Classroom - Code: go4lka7
8TEC5 - Google Classroom - Code: ubi5re4
8TEC6 - Google Classroom - Code: 4lzwsgp
8TEC7 - Google Classroom - Code: eitripi

Visual Arts - Google Classroom - Code: coj2byg

Art and Advertising - Google Classroom - Code: nkdmupj

Ceramics - Google Classroom - Code: wmqxv2w

Creative Painting - Google Classroom - Code: x3y3tiq

Drama - Google Classroom - Code: r47b36e

Japanese Culture - Google Classroom - Code: cbkmjiv

Japanese Legends - Google Classroom - Code: f3uh5fj

League Tag - N/A. Practical Lesson only subject

MADD Guitar Hero - Google Classroom - Code: 2i3wrqp

Making Time - Google Classroom - Code: 5vj7g5b

Money Money Money - TBA

Multi Cultural Feasts - Google Classroom - Code: kfepx3y

Recording Star - Google Classroom - Code: fjyfz57

Robotics - TBA

Rocking all over the World - Google Classroom - Code: r622kn4

Science and Engineering - Microsoft Teams - w17hxy5

STEM Project - Microsoft Team - Code: ql0wd2x

Sweet Temptations - Google Classroom - Code: esqm3cz

Volleyball - TBA

Website Design - Microsoft Teams - sw5v2vw

World of Travel - TBA

If you are still experiencing issues, please conatct the school via email:


Illness and Misadventure Appeals

Throughout the year, a student may experience difficulty attending an online assessment, completing an assessment task by the due date, or their performance in an assessment task may be affected by illness or misadventure. The school has a process to support these students. A student may submit an Illness and Misadventure Form if they are affected by:

• Illness – either personal or the illness of a family member
• Bereavement
• COVID-19