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Learning and Wellbeing

Learning, Wellbeing and Support Advisor

Ms Michelle Sloan

Learning and Wellbeing

The Learning and Wellbeing classroom is available for students and parents needing a little extra support. You can browse resources or post a question on the stream. Our Learning Centre staff will be organising our virtual QuickSmart and MulitLit programs for Term 2.

Please feel free to make contact through the class as often as you need.

The class is monitored by -

  • LaSTs: Mrs Summerville, Ms Sloan, Miss Dean and Miss Howard
  • SLSO staff: Mrs. Moore, Mrs Hoskings and Mr Beal
  • Learning Centre Tutors: Mrs Young, Mrs Grabham, Miss Rhodes, Mr Tearl, Miss Borbajo, Miss Smith, Miss Moore and Miss Harrison. 

Learning and Wellbeing Classroom and Virtual Support Centre - Google Classroom - Code: yell5t7

School Counsellor

The NSW school counselling service contributes to student wellbeing in NSW public schools by providing specialised psychological assessment, counselling and intervention services.

Access to the school counselling service is gained by:

  • self-referral from students
  • referral from parents/carers
  • referral through the school's Learning and Wellbeing Team

Students can self-refer digitally by completing the self referral form - Link

Students and parents can also contact their school counsellor/school psychologist directly through the school by calling 4954 9966.

Wellbeing Challenge for Students - Term 2 (PDF 124KB)

Wellbeing Challenge for Students - Term 2, Week 1 (PDF 124KB)

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning classroom is run by Mrs Panozza and is updated regulaly with information that  assists with online learning. In the classwork section, there are booklets on Terms and Definitions for the English, Maths and Science Faculties. Additional information on study skills, annotation, scaffolds and more, will be updated on a weekly basis.

Teaching and Learning for Students and Parents - Google Classroom - Code: 2tw5r3y

Illness and Misadventure Appeals

Throughout the year, a student may experience difficulty attending an online assessment, completing an assessment task by the due date, or their performance in an assessment task may be affected by illness or misadventure. The school has a process to support these students. A student may submit an Illness and Misadventure Form if they are affected by:

• Illness – either personal or the illness of a family member
• Bereavement
• COVID-19